From Office to Oasis: How to Refresh Your Cloistered Workspace—Part 2

If you’re a working man or woman, you likely spend the majority of the day in your office. Like the interior décor in our homes, our office furnishings are just as important when it comes to making your life feel refreshed whether you’re on your first or second cup of coffee.


Last week, we talked about three ways to freshen up your office setting: add a splash of color to your surroundings; create a casual, outdoorsy feel; and keep mints at your desk in a stylish container. Today, we bring you three more tips for ensuring that your office is welcoming to your coworkers, clients, and especially yourself.

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From Office to Oasis: How to Refresh Your Cloistered Workspace—Part 1

Every day the weather gets warmer, making even the most hermit-like workaholic long for a breath of fresh air. Do you find yourself gazing wistfully out your office window? Or maybe you don’t even have a window in your office out of which to gaze. Either way, today we have some tips and tricks for turning your stifling office into an oasis that will get you happily through the day. After all, we can’t all have a “World’s Best Boss” mug.

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3 Modern Chair Designs Made From Steel and Inspired Architecture

Ever wonder how modern furniture got its look? When we admire a beautiful piece of furniture, we don’t often think about the artist behind it the way we do a striking painting or work of architecture. However, behind every well-known design is a person who used creativity and hard work to produce iconic and inventive styles.

Therefore, today we bring you three iconic chair designs and the artists who centered on steel to create them.

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Go Retro: An Exciting New—and Old—Look for Your Modern Home

Nostalgia is an ever-present part of our lives. Whether it’s the return of 90’s chokers or the revival of 70’s paisley patterns, we love to bring back the styles we enjoyed decades ago.


Retro style, thus, recalls several decades of styles, and when it comes to interior design, we mean a combination of styles and décor items that evoke the trends of the past, second-hand or new, anywhere from the 1950’s to the 70’s. These periods were influenced by the booming economy in the 50’s, social activism in the 60’s, and scientific advances in the 70’s.


Lively patterns, bold colors, and busy designs characterized these decades, providing the perfect inspiration for bringing more “funk” and excitement to your modern home. However, you don’t have to get on eBay to hunt down authentic retro furniture; simply consider the best qualities of retro design when adapting this style into your home.

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Decorate Your Rainy Day Reading Nook with 5 Accessories

April showers bring May flowers, but they also keep us cooped up indoors. It’s difficult to admit our homes still need coziness even when the weather is getting warmer; however, even though the outdoor temperatures are rising, it’s still important to have comfort and luxury in our homes, especially when it’s raining and pouring. Who doesn’t love curling up in a reading nook to catch up on a good book while listening to the rain falling softly on the roof?

This is why it’s essential to accessorize your rainy day reading nook. Here are five ways to enhance your relaxation space for the rainiest of days:

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Choosing the Right Chairs for Any Kind of Restaurant

Every restaurant offers a slightly different atmosphere, whether that’s due to its staff, the menu, the style, or the interior décor. That’s why furniture has a significant effect on the customer’s experience. Specifically, the restaurant’s chairs should fit its style and atmosphere and be comfortable for guests. In order to maintain returning customers, it’s important to choose the right seating for your restaurant.

Today we break down the best types of chairs based on five kinds of restaurants:

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Modern Décor Ideas for an Outdoors Easter

The Easter holiday is full of fresh air, lovely pastel colors, nature, and a sense of rebirth. You might be planning an Easter egg hunt in the backyard for your kiddos or even a delicious brunch on the patio with friends. No matter how you spend it, enjoying the day outdoors can bring joy and revitalization.


So how can you complement these positive vibes with your outdoor furniture and décor? It doesn’t have to look old-fashioned or even childish to be authentic Easter décor. Here are a few ideas:

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The 7 Elements of Design in Modern Décor

If you’re new to interior design, you might find yourself standing in your house, looking back and forth from wall to wall, with no idea where to start in planning your décor. Making decisions on everything from interior paint to throw pillows can be a daunting task. So where do you start? Your best bet is using the 7 elements of design to evaluate your goals and vision:

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Cozy and Quaint Porch Décor for Beautiful Weather

Spring is right around the corner—the sun shines warmly, birds are singing, and plants are about to bloom. You may be looking forward to spending more time outside during the sunsets or gentle rain showers. However, it’s hard to feel comfortable venturing outside when your porch is shabby or lacking inspiration. What are some ways to make your porch, whether small or large, more cozy and quaint? How can you add charm to your old décor? Let’s find out!

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