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Why Zuri Bar Stools are Better than the Rest

Zuri Furniture is undoubtedly the leader in style for modern bar stools! When you have a Zuri Bar Stool in your home, it speaks volumes about your style. Zuri proudly offers bar stools for your home, office, and commercial environments.

But even more important than style, is Zuri Bar Stool Construction. Here are the features of our bar stool construction and style that set us apart from other contemporary bar stools you will see.

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  • Quality of materials. Our Chrome is 2 mm thick, and polished to a clear, bright finish, so clear you cannot see the polish marks. This creates perfect reflections, and shows off the furniture in a very beautiful way.
Zuri High Quality Chrome

  • Thickness of the footrest tray. Now let’s get technical! Our tray is 3 mm thick, as opposed to most which are 1 mm thick. This thickness is very important to the stability of the bar stool.
Zuri barstool footrest

  • Footrest Tray Design. Most trays are round and flat, which makes them soft and less sturdy. Ours is square, and the base has indentations which allow the bar stool to hold more weight.
Zuri Barstool base design

  • Special tube for the foot rest. This creates a very smooth process for using the gas lift, which means a quieter ride!
Zuri Barstool lift design

  • Welding Marks. We have VERY smooth welds throughout our bar stools. With other bar stools you can definitely notice the sloppy welds and marks left behind. Because ours are such high quality, the bar stools look beautiful!
Zuri High Quality welds

  • Thickness of the iron tube. Our bar stools have a great thickness, which means the welding marks are nearly invisible. When it’s the right thickness, you will not feel the welding.
Zuri High Quality footrest

  • Weight of the bar stool components. Zuri bar stool components weigh from 50 to 100% more than our competitors. This creates a very solid feel when you sit in one of Zuri’s bar stools.
Zuri High Quality footrest weight

  • Product Packaging. We package the tubes in thick foam rather than paper packaging. We wrap each of our components individually, so that are no scratches. Zuri quality checks every component prior to shipment so you are assured of receiving the highest quality furniture, no missing parts and pieces to worry about.
Zuri High Quality product packaging

It’s easy to see why Zuri Furniture is your best choice for high quality contemporary bar stools.

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